What level of Quality Tool do I need?

What Tool Quality do I need?

The Honest answer is it really depends on the type of job you are doing and how often you are going to do that job using that tool.

Are there still poor quality Tools out there or are they all the same?

There certainly are poor quality tools still being made and price is not always an idicator. Just because a tool supplier offers a life time guarantee, it means little if they are not in business in fives years time

What Brand Name Tool Companies still  produce quality Tools?

T&E Tools, Kromex, SP Tools and Kincrome are tool companies who Australian Online Tools are proud to sell  Tools and Products on their behalf. All these manufacturers produce good quality items and fully back their products. They all offer life time warranties on most of their products*. Of course there are other tool companies who provide good quality tools but we have found T&E Tools, Kromex, SP Tools and Kincrome all have excellent reputations, full range and reliable supply. They also provide excellent after sales support if there is an issue with any of thier products. They are all based in Australia and only produce the best quality tools.

Are Tools still made in USA & UK?

Most good quality tools are now made in one of three factories in Taiwan including a very expensive brand. Very few tools are still produced in the USA or United Kingdom. Many Tool components are also made in China & Taiwan. If any tool is sourced in any country by T&E Tools, Kromex, SP Tools and Kincrome they must meet the stringent quality controls demanded by T&E Tools, Kromex, SP Tools and Kincrome and are rejected if they do not meet their tough standards. These means you as a consumer will only ever be supplied a quality range of tools and equipment by Australian Online Tools.